“We are everyone.
Despite our ignorance, we share our knowledge and experiences to better humanity.
By showing respect, love, and compassion, we aim to overcome adversity through enlightenment.” – Krish

Krishna Thapa

My name is Krishna Thapa Magar, and my life is one of service. I grew up in the Nepal Himalaya, beneath Annapurna. At 19, one of the first to join the British Ghurka formed my vision of Himalaya and became the first to pass selection from RGR and enter the British SAS in the regiment’s history. For the past 26 years, I have served on the front line in Afghanistan and Iraq, on combat missions & in a training capacity. One of my roles supporting my fellow soldiers, my brothers, was a mountain specialist and mental health awareness. I have been to many dark places and know that I might not have survived to tell the tale without knowing my own culture of high Himalaya and eastern spiritual knowledge.

My heart is in the mountains, and as leader of the SAS Mountain troop, I have had the privilege of leading 13 soldiers, the largest ever UKSF and Ghurka summit team, up Everest. I was the first warrant serving officer to climb Everest K2 and have skied from the summits of Dhaulagiri and both 8000m peaks. My mission, my lived commitment, might be summarised as enlightenment through adversity. My focus now is on supporting others as they strive to overcome: training and guiding extraordinary people.

I have guided a PTSD, Blind, Deaf, Double amputee above the knee, and Parkinson’s sufferer to Mont Blanc and Mera peak’s summits and taken double amputee veterans to summits in The Alps, Africa the Himalayas. In 2023 I will lead a double amputee’s first attempt to summit Mount Everest.

My path has revealed truths it is essential to share. Through courage and control, we can transcend our limitations with commitment and connection.

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