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SAS Mountaineer & Spiritual guide. Integrating Ancient Wisdom & Philosophy into Modern Leadership & Lives.


“Krish has undoubtedly accomplished many exceptional achievements in the military, and he has the grit and aspiration to achieve more.” – CO SAS


Krishna Thapa

‘Krish’ is a world-class high-altitude mountaineer, ex-SAS Mountain leader & professional guide.

Krish was one of the first of two Ghurka to pass selection into the British SAS, serving as head of the Mountain Troops. He has been at the front line in Iraq and Afghanistan in countless challenging situations. He led the largest Summit group up Everest of 13 UKSF, and Ghurka was the first serving Warrant officer to scale the Mt.Everest & K2. He has also skied from the summits of Dhaulagiri and other 8000m expeditions. He has guided amputees, blinds, deaf, Parkinson’s disease, and PTSD veterans to conferences in Africa, Europe, and the Himalayas of Nepal.
Krish is passionate about integrating ancient wisdom and philosophy into modern leadership and performance. He leads the first double amputee/ Blind War Veterans to summit Mount Everest, Seven summits in 2023. Today he is dedicating his life to supporting others to achieve their goals and transcending our limitations.